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Orphans and Vulnerable children and Widows Program


About Us

Mvono Community Centre is nonpolitical, nonprofit faith Based Community Organization in Taita Taveta County in the Kenyan Coast that takes care of orphans and Widows. It is registered with Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services, Vide Certificate Registration Number TTA/CD/2/5235 on 29th April 2015. Initially it had been registered as a Self Help Group on 15th May 2006. It was initiated and established through the direct instruction and leading of the Holy Spirit through one of God’s humble servant, Reverend Violet Chanya Mwamuzi; the Founder of the organization. On 22nd May 2004, God audibly spoke and referred Rev. Violet to the scripture below: James 1:26, 27: The voice clearly stated that it would be a voluntarily service until He brings His Sponsors; and that all activities were to be carried out transparently without any discrimination and in love. This then formed the philosophy of MCC: To serve all OVC and Widows who are afflicted/needy, irrespective of their tribe, religion, political affiliation.


Contribution of funds to help orphans ,widows and widowers in their daily today lives for instance buying food commodities ,clothes and other basic needs.

Psychological support

Due to internal conflicts ,fear ,feeling of insecurity ,guilt and discrimination ,orphans ,widows and widowers will require psychological support.

Medical care.

The group has put it in consideration the proneness to diseases of young children hence undertaking a mission to help them live healthy life through ;taking the sick to hospitals and monitoring their recovery ,giving products like water guards to ensure that they drink safe water.


1. MCC office opened
2. Land for orphanage fenced
3. Road leading to the orphanage cleared

Building project

1. Foster care with volunteers
2. Educating the orphans

Orphans Project

1. Seed project that has enabled them to Farm for food for household use and for sale
2. Empowerment project – Women have been trained on poultry farming

Widows’ project


Mvono community Centre has majored its activities in wundanyi division despite of their huge urge to capture large area which can accommodate as many orphan and vulnerable children as possible. This limitation is as a result of limited resource and time factor. Stakeholders who are member churches, organization and group members.

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